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About Us


Over the past few years we have been placing IT professionals, mainly in the UK and US. In order to expand our operations and to cater to the current market need, which is propagated by Brexit, we have formed a new company under the banner of Globally Oriented Research, Education and Development (GORED) Services Limited. Our name demonstrates that we would like to go beyond facilitating job seekers and job providers striving to establish global links to promote research, education and development opportunities.

Our team is driven by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at heart. We pledge to uphold migration related SDG which is ‘to facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration’ where host and home countries can benefit from the same.

We are also proud to inform you that, our caption ‘Assuring Quality’ is something we strive for. We are an ethical and responsible company and we would like to invest back into community development. Therefore, we have partnered with Global Organisation for Research, Education and Development (GORED) Action Foundation which acts as social enterprise / Community Interest Company (CIC).

More information can be found at www.gored.in and we also appreciate you playing your part by contributing to ‘Lighting Lives’ and being part of our social transformation journey to create a just, equitable, safer, healthier and happier communities.

To play a strong and influential role in building collaborations in research, education and development fields so that its impact on People (social), Planet (environment) and Profit (economy) is sustainable to achieve better outcomes and to attain our ethos of Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu (Let the People of the World be Happy).


GORED’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the UK employers is that, we are a One Stop Shop Service as follows:

  • GORED is here to provide holistic package of ensuring applicants are compliant with respective practising standards
  • GORED prepare applicants / job pursuants for the UK job
  • GORED advise employers on Sponsorship application and we partnered with this Law Practicefor the same - (http://www.gptlawpractice.com/balakrishna-ramisetty/)
  • GORED will provide post-placement support services (pick up from the airport, accommodation near to the work place, collection of Biometric Residence Permit(s)
  • BRPs, registering with General Practitioner – GP, opening Bank account, advice to purchase car / motor insurance, applying for local driving license including coaching / theoretical module to get settled in the job).


Like Pancha Bhoota (five great elements) such as earth, sky, water, air and fire; like Pancha Indriya (five senses) such as sight, smell, taste, sound and touch, GORED’s values are based on 5 Magic C’s, which are known as our Pancha Guna (five Values) as below:


We go back to basics of ‘Communication’. We ensure to listen to you, understand your needs and provide you tailor-made solutions. We also use various forms of communication effectively to reach to you or vice versa. We also open to feedback from you in regard to quality of services we offer.


While we will not try to re-invent the wheel, we will promote ‘Creativity’ and be a driving force for innovation in whatever we do. We believe in finding local solutions to global problems coming up with glocal methods where we apply the jugaad formula of innovating non-conventional solutions to problems.

Critical thinking:

We ‘Think Critically’ and will also enable our partners to do the same. We reflect on our actions periodically and learn from them so that we can improvise our quality of services offered to you.


We believe in working together than working in silos. We strive to ‘Coordinate’ with like minded professionals, institutions, organisations, movements, causes and governments so that we all can move forward to achieve better outcomes.


Whilst we invest our endeavours to ‘Collaborate’ all the above elements, we will be visionaries to promote age old perspective of Vasudhaiva Kutumbukam (global village) so that we all can prosper and live in peace.