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Percentage of workers in different occupations by ethnicity (Indian)

Source: Annual Population Survey, 2017 by the UK Government

Administrative & secretarial 10
*Associate professional & technical 13
Caring, leisure and other services 6
Elementary 9
Managers, directors & senior officials 11
Process, plant & machine operatives 6
*Professional 31
Sales & consumer service 9
Skilled trades 5

*Indians are known for their professional jobs in the UK and this is the category in high demand at the moment which GORED is seeking applications from.

While Indian professionals are always in demand, the number of professionals migrating from India to the UK has significantly reduced as the workforce from European nations was available. Europeans also have lesser cumbersome visa processes compared to us. But Brexit is casting uncertainty on the future of many UK industries, hence the current need for a high number of professionals and India being a favoured nation, this is deemed to be an ideal time to pursue a career in the UK.
Any professional looking to take on a role in the UK must obtain a Skilled Work Visa before they can enter the UK and start their work. This type of visa is known as Tier 2 (General Visa). Under the Tier 2 Visa guidelines, an applicant must meet certain requirements: these include proving competency in English as well as demonstrating that they have enough to fund their living costs before their first salary is paid. Additionally, the requirements also include receiving an official job offer from the employer, who must hold a valid sponsor licence.
This depends on the individual, their chosen profession and the relevant body they need to register with. For example, Doctors and Nurses are expected to write various language and occupational tests to prove their competency and a membership with professional body whereas Engineers are expected to prove their English competency and then a membership with a specialised body of their study.
Doctors - General Medical Council (GMC)
Nurses - The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
Engineers - Engineers Council UK
Social Work - Social Work England (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their independent regulatory bodies)
Teachers - General Teaching Council for England (GTCE)